The quest for excellence and the client’s satisfaction has been Als Plus’s mission since it started operating in 1972. Over the years, our staff, our centres and our programmes have changed considerably, however, our principles have remained the same. Whether you stay at one of our Summer Centres or take part in one of our Mini Stay programmes in the United Kingdom, or the United States, you will enjoy your study course and free time activities. More importantly, you will receive the same excellent level of care and supervision you require.
Today Als Plus, with offices in London, New York, Beijing and Milan, is among the world’s finest organizations, specializing in the teaching of English language to students from all over the world who wish to improve their proficiency of the language.
Each Year the Als Plus all year round Mini Stay programmes run from September to May.
The programme has been designed to offer students and groups high quality English lessons and an opportunity to build a suitable package of their choice according to their own budget. This has been achieved by giving each group a basic package consisting of General English lessons and full board accommodation as well as free time built into the programme during which groups can organize varies social activities such as sports and excursions as well as attractions at an additional costs.
The Als Plus staff can supervise all activities and ultimately be responsible for students' welfare.
Leisure organizers run the afternoon sports, social and entertainment programmes as well the evening activities on campus. They can also have students practise their English while playing sport and enjoy many leisure activities.
On request, professional and creative staff will follow the organization of the Academy courses such as multi sport, dance, performing arts, horse riding, golf and tennis.


In Family

Als Plus families have hosted students for many years. They are made up of friendly, caring, kind, courteous individuals who are well aware of the apprehension you may have when coming to a new house. They will try their best to make you feel like a member of the family. Breakfast and dinner are taken with the family who will also provide students with a packed lunch (this may be also purchased at the school).
Families generally live no more than 45-60 minutes away from the centre.
Family stay is mostly advisable for students who are more independent with at least an intermediate level of English.
Families are selected either directly by Als Plus Host Family Organizers or in most cases by a reputable British Council accredited agency in the UK.


On Campus

If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle and enjoy a fun atmosphere shared with old and new friends from different countries, living on campus is the ideal choice for you.
You will experience real college life in a supported and secure environment and you will be able to take advantage of all the facilities the campus has to offer.
These amenities are generally all close to each other: classrooms, first class sports facilities, the cafeteria and other social and recreational facilities.


English Course

The courses have been designed to enhance students’ verbal and written communication skills in the language. Our EFL qualified teachers focus on lively learning and encourage group interaction to stimulate the constant use of vocabulary both within and outside the class. To encourage effective interaction between the students and teachers, the classes are small with a maximum class size of 15. The courses are planned around 20 lessons per week (45 minute each i.e. 15 hours per week) at up to five different levels from Elementary to Advanced. Students are placed on a level depending on the result of the student placement test taken on the first day of lessons. Since students are accepted and taught in closed groups, it is very important that group enrolments are done with students of same or similar levels of English language proficiency. The course books and learning supplementary materials are provided free of charge and at the end of your stay, you will be awarded a Als Plus End of Course Certificate.


Add-on Package

All our programmes are based on a standard package which includes:
--15 hours of General English Tuition
--A maximum class size of 15 students
--Orientation tour of campus and its facilities
--Daily 24 hour assistance

As a Als Plus partner through our online system you can Add on Package to the standard programme by:

--Adding additional full day or half day excursions
--Purchasing attraction tickets for the included or extra excursions
--Adding extra hours of tuition
--Decreasing number of students per class
--Increasing number of lessons provided
--Arranging activities on and off campus such as sport tournaments, discos, etc.
--Adding Trinity Exams
In our agency area you can download a suggested activity programme which will provide you with an example of how a programme can be arranged and a pricing structure.
You can however create an ad hoc service according to your budget, length of stay and group size. If this is needed our sales team is more than happy to guide you through the booking process and provide a programme which will best suit you and your client needs.