Windsor is a small town situated in south east England beside the river Thames. It is said to be the prettiest town in the area and is dominated by Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favourite weekend home and the world’s largest occupied castle. The Castle is open to public visits and there is the Changing of the Guard ceremony on weekdays. This charming town, full of royal history and tradition, is surrounded by parks, gardens and woodlands. There are many restaurants, cafes and traditional pubs. A few kilometres outside the town is Legoland - a theme park which is a popular choice for our younger students.

The ALS Plus centre is at one of Britain’s leading independent schools, founded in 1859 by Queen Victoria. The College stands on extensive grounds with plenty of green areas, woodlands and playing fields. This gated self-contained campus has historic, French-style buildings with modern interior decorations. It offers first-rate facilities both for studying and recreation. The main school building has a big dining area and modern classroom facilities. The campus is a perfect choice for those who would like to experience British boarding school life. Our campus offers excellent sports and golf facilities. It is a 20-minute walk to Crowthorne village where you can find many shops, banks and other services. It is about 60 km from London with good transport links to international airports.

Campus Highlights/ Facilities

- Excellent outdoor and indoor sports facilities including a gym, pitches, courts and fields
- WiFi for students and staff
- Golf courses
- Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
- Gated, secure boarding school campus
- Close to London with good transport links
- All facilities are within walking distance
- Academy centre.

Arrival Dates Weeks Programmes Overnight
01-07-2020 2/3 weeks CLASSIC ALS Plus ACADEMY
15-07-2020 2/3 weeks CLASSIC ALS Plus ACADEMY
29-07-2020 2 weeks CLASSIC ALS Plus ACADEMY

On Campus


The Campus has a number of Halls of residence, used by boys and girls during the academic year. Each hall of residence has an average of 50 to 70-bed spaces and can be up to a 10 minutes walk to the main campus.
Boys and Girls will be accommodated in separate halls.
The majority of rooms are standard single rooms.

Windsor Fact Sheet

Windsor - UK


Wellington College, Duke’s Ride, Crowthorne RG45 7PU, United Kingdom.
This campus is made up of different boys and girls houses (accommodation blocks). Standard single,
twin and triple rooms.
• Bed linen is provided with a weekly change
• Towels are NOT provided
Each accommodation block has a common room with sofas, chairs, tables, a TV and a DVD player.
The ‘houses’ are self-contained boarding houses with modern interiors.

Max Capacity: 300

Type of Furniture: Bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk, chair.

Laundry: Available on campus free of charge – only adults are permitted to use the machines.

Cleaning: Bedrooms are cleaned once a week and common areas are cleaned daily.

Facilities: Accommodation, Classrooms, Refectory, Sports Facilities, and Cafes are on Campus.

Common Rooms: Large rooms with sofas, a TV and a Kitchen area. Kitchen appliances will be
switched off.
Karaoke/Disco Room: Dance Studio(s)

Classrooms: Modern classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are a short walking distance

from the accommodation (no more than 10 minutes)

Catering: On campus with a total capacity of 300 students which caters for breakfast, lunch, and

First Aid: ALS Plus staff and the boarding school staff are First Aid trained.

Disabled Access: Not available

Sports Facilities
• Indoor and outdoor facilities including swimming pool, pitches, courts and fields suitable
for sports including football, basketball, volleyball, dance sessions andrugby.
Damages: A damage deposit of £50.00 or equivalent in another currency needs to be collected by
the Campus Manager. The deposit will be returned at the end of their stay pending no damages.
Damages are quoted by the boarding school at the time of discovery and assessment.
Banks & Cashpoint: There are three ATMs in Crowthorne Town Centre – a 20-minute walk away. Al
major banks are in Reading, the nearest city which is 30 minutes away by train.
Security: Students are responsible for their own personal possessions on site. Students and Group
Leaders must close all windows and make sure all doors with codes are securely closed on leaving
the accommodation and follow all the security procedures on site.
The Campus is closely monitored by CCTV and all the gates are closed at 10:00 pm.
Students must only use one single adapter plug for each appliance.
WIFI: Available throughout the campus.
Supermarket: There is a campus shop to the right of the main entrance to the campus, near the
indoor sports hall. There are two main supermarkets in Crowthorne town centre which is a 20-
minute walk away.
Nearest hospital and medical centre: Frimley Park Hospital, GU16 7UG.
Nearest City Centre: Reading City Centre – 30 minutes by train.
Train: Crowthorne train station is right next to the campus.
Nearest Airports: London Heathrow (LHR) 35 minutes – London Gatwick (LGW) 1 hour – London City
Airport (LCY) 1 hour 45 minutes - London Luton (LTN) 1 hour 30 minutes – London Stanstead (STN)
Taxis: Local Taxis can be arranged by the Campus Manager with the following companies:
Taylor Hansen Cab Company: 01344 751176
Public Transport: There are busses which go to Bracknell, but the best form of transport is the train
which goes either north-west to Reading or south-east to London.
Campus Highlights:
• Gated, secure boarding school campus
• Close to London with good transport links
• Many popular attractions such as Windsor Castle, Oxford and Legoland are easilyaccessible
• Large, open green areas with small ponds and lakes
• All facilities are within walking distance
• Academy centre
• Experience British boarding school life
AGE 10 TO 17

Please do follow the below guidelines
The Centre is advisable for young learners aged between 10 to 17 years of age.
Any specific requests you may have for your group please ask your sales representative who will
assist you in describing the programme in greater detail or find a possible alternative.

Important notes for students under 12 years of age


It is ALS Plus’ policy not to accept individual students under the age of 12.
If travelling in a group with one or more student under 12, Group Leaders must assume full
responsibility for the minor(s) throughout the duration of the programme, including overnight supervision. For safeguarding purposes, ALS Plus suggest a supervision ratio of 1 adult for
10 children, if one or more students present in the group are under 12. In order to arrange
appropriate supervision, students under 12 should be accommodated in rooms adjacent to
their Group Leaders.

Agents are to provide Police Checks for each Group Leader and ensure that Group Leaders
are aware that enhanced supervision is required for activities on and off campus.
Any booking for under 12s must have the prior approval of ALS Plus HEAD OFFICE/COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT.
Agents are also requested to inform ALS Plus’ Operations Department of the presence of any
under 12 students. In line with our student absence policy, teachers are required to immediately inform the Course Director if any under 12 is missing from class.
Upon arrival, Group Leaders must attend a campus induction with the Campus Manager,
which will include essential information on ALS Plus’ Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.

The members of our team have been carefully selected for their responsible and caring attitude and for being fun-loving and outgoing. They are the people you can turn to at any time for assistance. Our ALS Plus Team will ensure that students enjoy their holidays in an exciting and safe environment. ALS Plus promises a wonderful, memorable and enriching summer camp experience.

-The ALS Plus Staff is there to help coordinate organize afternoon and evening activities
-Organize sports Tournaments and help students integrating
-The ALS Plus Staff are young enthusiastic & energetic


- Online testing before students' arrival
- 15 hours English lessons per week
- Average class size 15 students
- All supplementary material provided for the course
- ALS PLUS end of course certificate

An interactive programme in which students will learn about the various styles of communication used in journalism.



6 Hours of Interactive Workshops Over Two Weeks
The Junior Reporter Club is a programme for anyone who wants to harness their creativity.
The club, in the form of interactive workshops, offers an exciting opportunity for young
people to build and develop an array of life skills, take leadership within their own learning
and share ideas, and learn from, young people around the world.
The learning outcomes for the workshops are specifically designed to:

-Develop creative reporting skills through working independently and in groups
-Improve English language skills: writing, speaking and listening
-Express ideas and opinions through the production of a variey of communication forms.
The Junior Reporter Club includes practical instruction designed to bring theory into
practice through guided project work and group discussions. Students will learn about the
various styles of communication used in journalism.

The workshops cover:
• Group work & discussions
• Filming & Photography
• Interviewing
• Presentation of reports

Learning through projects is particularly motivating for young learners and helps them
remember the language that they learn. At the end of the programme, students use English
and the reporting techniques learned in the course to produce a final project in the form of
a newspaper/magazine article or a short news broadcast.

PRICE: £35.00 per student, per week
An interactive programme specifically aimed at students between the ages of 10-14 to help them start thinking about what they would like to do in their working life in the future and has been designed in association with KidZania London.

KidZania Experience
6 Hours of Interactive Lessons Over Two Weeks + 4 hour Kidzania Experience, London
The KidZania Experience is a programme specifically aimed at students between the ages of
10-14 to help them start thinking about what they would like to do in their working life in
the future and helps students to develop their ambition to achieve their goals and dreams.
The programme culminates with a visit to KidZania in London giving them the opportunity to
try out a variety of exciting careers.
Learning Objectives
- To explore the skills required to be ready for the world of work.
- To assess preferences and aptitudes for different careers.
- To develop ambitions and recognise that different careers require different skills & training
- To analyse natural ability versus learning and training to develop their skills.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the programme, children will have:
• Thought about the skills and abilities people need for different jobs and that
different jobs pay different amounts of money.
• Learned about budgeting, managing and making real choices and decisions about
• Practiced their speaking skills to develop understanding through speculating,
hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas.
• Examined their abilities and interests and written about what they learned about
themselves during their visit to KidZania.
AGE RANGE: 10-14
PRICE: £40 per student, per week *

*Price includes 6 hours supplementary tuition + 1 entry ticket to KidZania London + travel
Once students are on the campus, our ALS Plus staff will organise the following events:

- Welcome and Farewell Party
- Themed Disco Nights
- Karaoke and Talent Shows
- Treasure Hunt
- Movie Night
- Sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming
- Dance Session with professional choreographers.
Classic Academy - 2 weeks - Slot 1

Classic Academy - 3 weeks - Slot 1
A 2-week programme includes:

- 1 Full Day Excursion to London
- 1 Full Day Excursion to Oxford
- 1 Full Day Excursion to Windsor (entry ticket to Windsor Castle included).
A 3-week programme includes all of the above, with the addition of:
- 1 Full Day Excursion to London
*All excursions include a walking tour and transport is provided by Private Coach and escorted by ALS Plus staff.
Windsor Add-On Options 2020

Windsor Add-On Prices 2020
Dance Academy information sheet

Football Academy information sheet

Rugby Academy information sheet
Information on first and last meal

Meal plan on arrival and departure time

ALS Plus takes into account the Arrival and Departure times on a per Group basis.
If Groups arrive late at day/night due to a delay miss lunch/dinner during meal time ALS Plus
will arrange a cold buffet for those students.
Time traditional schedule time for Hot Meals are as follow:
Breakfast 08:00- 09:00
Lunch 12:30- 13:30
Dinner 18:30-19:30
On departure date ALS Plus will make sure that groups do receive a packed- breakfast/lunch
or dinner, depending on the time of departure to the airport and last meal they received on
ALS Plus operational department will take all aspect into account as well as the number of
hours students have to wait at the airport.
Some advise on what to bring

We will give their awesome, UK Football Trials 5 day camp exclusive personalised playing kit when they arrive at the camp. This will be a shirt, shorts and a pair of socks. We ask that players look after it carefully. Last year we had mixed weather, but it could be hot and sunny or raining this summer but please prepare for all types of weather conditions as the Academy still runs in all different types of weather.

FOOTWEAR: Outdoor football boots for playing football on grass pitches that could be wet or hard depending on the good old British weather! We recommend you wear studs, or blades, or molded studs to ensure a good grip... Indoor astro boots will not be suitable on the surface Some training will take place on the astro so bring trainers or astro boots for that. Indoor trainers for the gym, conditioning work and psychology Socks – football socks that fit shin pads, socks for the gym, socks for rest time and dinner to relax in. You need at least 1 pair each day. Shin pads to be worn AT ALL TIMES on the football pitch (Pro clubs do not let players onto a field without them at trials – we set the same standards here!) Flip flops, if you would like to get from the swimming pool to the changing room, or to rest your feet after training or in the evening

CLOTHING: Underwear- Players will need to use at least one different pair a day. Football shorts and gym suitable shorts, swim shorts for the pool, Trousers for casual evenings and comfortable trousers / tracksuit bottoms • Football shirts and training tops for all weather conditions, thermals / skins if required. You will need 1 for each day at least • Warm training top, hat, gloves (if you feel the cold) and a fresh shirt for each day • Gym T-Shirts for conditioning - bring 3 of these. • Casual tops and clothes for the psychology, evening down time and relaxing • Pyjamas / sleeping clothes for night time • Waterproof jacket

OTHERS: •Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant etc.) •Towel – PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS! • Swimwear • Sun cream - we are always optimistic ! • Some cash for the vending machines/tuck shop (£10-£20 should be fine) • Mobile phone – we recommend downloading WhatsApp for communication with family • UK Adaptors & Chargers for any electrical items • Cash if required after the camp for transport ALS Plus will not be held accountable for the loss, theft or damage of any items. • Casual clothing for lessons,comfortable shoes for excursions,waterproof jacket and/or umbrella Trainers and sports clothes,swimwear, towel,something smart for disco/talent show,electronic devices (camera, mobile phone) – please look after these! • Electrical Adaptor (which MUST comply with UK standards). • Please label all your items with your name in case they get lost.