London Uxbridge



The campus is located in Uxbridge, West London and is a campus-based university. The halls of residence, refectory, classrooms and sports facilities are all within walking distance to each other. The campus has been recently refurbished and offers modern facilities. It is an ideal location for young learners who want to be close to central London with direct access but at the same time living in a very safe environment.

Campus Highlights/Facilities
- Close to Central London
- Modern, well-equipped accommodation
- Green open spaces
- All facilities within walking distance
- Excellent sport facilities
- Shops on campus
- Free WiFi
- Save and secure environment
- Easy Access to Heathrow Airport

Arrival Dates Weeks Programmes Overnight
17-06-2020 1/2/3/4/5 PREMIUM ; CLASSIC
01-07-2020 2/3 weeks PREMIUM ; CLASSIC
15-07-2020 2/3 weeks PREMIUM ; CLASSIC
29-07-2020 1/2 weeks PREMIUM ; CLASSIC
05-08-2020 1/2 weeks CLASSIC ; PREMIUM

On Campus

The Campus offers en-suite accommodation only (in flats).


Host families are within 35 minutes from the accommodation. Students will be accommodated in standard single or twin rooms with travel cards provided 7 days a week.

London Uxbridge - UK

Address - Brunel University London, Kingston Ln, London, Uxbridge UB8 3PH
 Hall 1 – En suite rooms (130), Hall 2 – Standard rooms with separate shower & toilet (50)
 Access by key card – provided. [loss of key card charged at £50.00 per key)
 Towels provided & changed weekly
 Bed linen provided & changed weekly
 Ironing board available on request
 Kitchens available in halls and can be used daily – kettle provided
 Common areas available to students & Group leaders. (No TV room)
 Free WiFi on campus

Cleaning: Bedrooms cleaned daily in both halls. In Hall 1 bathrooms are cleaned weekly, in Hall 2
toilets and showers are cleaned daily

Maximum Capacity: 180

Type of Furniture: Bed, desk, wardrobe, chair
Laundry: Self-service launderettes available in each hall of residence at a cost of £2.50 per wash and
£0.20 per 30 minute dryer session. They are available 24/7.

Classrooms: Located on campus (at a ratio of 1 teacher: 15 students)
Catering: Canteen seating 430 students located on campus with breakfast, lunch and dinner
provided. Packed lunches will be provided on full excursion days. Dietary requirements will be
catered for.

Sports Facilities: located on campus, including – tennis courts, football pitches (11 a side & 5 a side),
rugby pitches, dance studio, sports hall
Disabled Access: Facilities for students with disabilities are available around campus
Banks & Cashpoint: Barclays Bank on campus, Santander& Cash point

 First aider on campus
 Medical facilities on campus
 Closest medical centre: Central Uxbridge Surgery, George St, Uxbridge UB8 1UB (tel: 01895 231925)
 Closest hospital: Hillingdon Hospital, Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge UB8 3NN (tel: 01895 238282)
Shop: small supermarket on campus

Nearest airports:
[*Note: ALS Plus can arrange private transfers to and from the airports. You will be assisted by an
airport representative at arrival.]
 London Gatwick Airport – approx. 55 minutes from campus OR about 70 km away
 London Heathrow Airport – approx. 15 minutes or 6.5 km away
Taxis: Uxbridge taxis & Minicabs Centre, tel: 01895 540014.
Perwood Cars Uxbridge, tel: 01895 236236
Public Transport:
 Bus stop in front of college. Bus numbers U3, U1, U4, U7, A10 will take you to Uxbridge underground station.
 Uxbridge underground station (short bus journey or 25 minute walk from campus) – approx.
45 minute journey on the ‘metropolitan line’ into central London

Campus Highlights:
 Close to central London
 Modern, well-equipped accommodation
 Green open spaces
 All facilities within walking distance
 Excellent sports facilities
 Shops of campus
 Safe and secure environment
 Easy access to Heathrow airport
AGE 10 TO 17

Please do follow the below guidelines
The Centre is advisable for young learners aged between 10 to 17 years of age.
Any specific requests you may have for your group please ask your sales representative who will
assist you in describing the programme in greater detail or find a possible alternative.

Important notes for students under 12 years of age



It is ALS Plus policy not to accept individual students under the age of 12.
If travelling in a group with one or more student under 12, Group Leaders must assume full
responsibility for the minor(s) throughout the duration of the programme, including overnight supervision. For safeguarding purposes, ALS Plus suggest a supervision ratio of 1 adult for
10 children, if one or more students present in the group are under 12. In order to arrange
appropriate supervision, students under 12 should be accommodated in rooms adjacent to
their Group Leaders.

Agents are to provide Police Checks for each Group Leader and ensure that Group Leaders
are aware that enhanced supervision is required for activities on and off campus.

Any booking for under 12s must have the prior approval of ALS Plus HEAD OFFICE/COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT.

Agents are also requested to inform ALS Plus Operations Department of the presence of any
under 12 students. In line with our student absence policy, teachers are required to immediately inform the Course Director if any under 12 is missing from class.

Upon arrival, Group Leaders must attend a campus induction with the Campus Manager,
which will include essential information on ALS Plus Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.

The members of our team have been carefully selected for their responsible and caring attitude and for being fun-loving and outgoing. They are the people you can turn to at any time for assistance. Our ALS Plus Team will ensure that students enjoy their holidays in an exciting and safe environment. ALS Plus promises a wonderful, memorable and enriching summer camp experience.

-The ALS Plus Staff is there to help coordinate organize afternoon and evening activities
-Organize sports Tournaments and help students integrating
-The ALS Plus Staff are young enthusiastic & energetic

As a home stay student you will be treated as a full member of the household, you will be eating
together with the family, as well as sharing the common living areas. You are allowed to use the
family’s laundry facilities once a week and they will provide you with clean bed linen and towels
once a week. You should treat the hosts courteously and respectfully. Keep your room clean and
tidy and keep the noise to a minimum level, especially at night time. The families do not usually
live more than 1 hour by public transport from the ALS Plus campus. When you arrive on campus the
host family will pick you up. If it is not possible, the Campus Manager will arrange a taxi for you at
your own expenses. On your first day of school the family will show you the easiest route to the
campus to help you get there safely.
Things to remember:
 Give the host family your mobile number
 Add the host family’s contact detail to your ALS Plus
Student Card’
 Be back in time for dinner and no later than 7pm
 If you are going to miss a mealtime or be late, inform the host family
 If you get ill and cannot attend classes you have to contact your Group Leader
 You are not allowed to bring guests home
 You must pay for any damages you cause in the home
 If you have access to the family’s landline phone you should under no circumstances
make outgoing calls unless authorised
 The use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited whilst you are in the UK. It
is illegal in the UK for anyone under the age of 18 to buy alcohol or cigarettes
 If you wish to join an evening activity, your Group Leader has to ask for authorisation
from the Campus Manager at least 48 hours in advance. Your Group Leader will give you
a “Family Late Night Authorisation” form which you will have to give to the host family.
You are not allowed to be back home later than 11pm and if you do return to campus for
the evening you are responsible for your return transport
If any of these rules are broken the host family will immediately report to the Family Organiser or
to the ALS Plus Campus Manager. They will discuss the matter with you and your Group Leader and if
necessary inform the agent and your parents, and take necessary action.
I confirm that I have read the ALS Plus Home stay Guidelines and agree to abide by them.
Name _______________________________________________________
Signature __________________________________________________
Date _______________________________________________________

- Online testing before students' arrival
- 15 hours English lessons per week
- Average class size 15 students
- All supplementary material provided for the course
- ALS PLUS end of course certificate

Trinity’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are one-to-one, face-to-face assessments of speaking and listening skills with a Trinity examiner. Preparation for these exams and achievement of GESE qualifications supports people wishing to develop their proficiency in English language speaking - for personal goals, study, travel, employment, settlement or for visa application purposes. GESE exams are available at 12 levels, from Grade 1 to Grade 12 (pre-A1 to C2 CEFR* proficiency levels). Grouped by development stage, GESE grade qualifications offer a progressive framework for the development of English language skills.


Price list 2020
ALS Plus can accommodate individuals and groups for Trinity Exams at an extra cost in
this centre.
The minimum number for each exam to take place while you are in this ALS Plus
summer centre is 15 students.
In case you have paid the amount and ALS PLus do not reach the minimum number of 15
the amount paid will be fully refunded
Price per student is £95.00
A special course geared towards aspiring young managers.

30 Hours of Instruction Over Two Weeks
The activities will be specifically designed to:
** Develop speaking and listening
** Improve fluency and interaction skills
** Learn business writing skills useful in an academic and business context
** Learn words and expressions for practical use
** Develop negotiation skills
The course includes practical lessons designed to bring theory into practice through guided
project work and group discussions. Students will learn about business etiquette and
establishing a business.
Entering the Business World - 6 Hours
• How to construct a CV and conduct a job interview
• Teamwork and group dynamics
• How to develop a business idea
Bringing a Product or Service to Market- 24 hours
In teams of approximately 5 students, teams will brainstorm and create an idea of a product or
service. Using techniques learned about digital communication and marketing, each team will
develop a brand and an advertising campaign, including a promotion plan and a sample brochure.
Each team will be given a budget and will learn how to allocate finances within the budget to
promote their product or service. At the conclusion of the course, each team will give a final
presentation, using public speaking skills learned and practiced throughout the course, to pitch their
business idea and promotion plan to the rest of the class. The winning team will receive a prize
during their graduation ceremony.
• Social Networking (FB, Twitter, YouTube, blogging etc.) and business writing skills
• The modern consumer (incl. negotiating in English)
• Financial management
• Public speaking and pitching a business plan (elevator pitch)
• Advertising, marketing, branding
• Guided project work
• Presenting final project
PRICE: £50.00 per student, per week
An intensive exam preparation course covering all aspects of the IELTS exam and Academic English

30 hours of intensive training over two weeks
This course has been developed to guide students through key stages of the internationally
recognised Cambridge IELTS exam.
The IELTS exam is accepted as for proof of proficiency in the English Language for entrance
to English speaking Universities around the world.
The course covers all aspects of the exam while also developing students’ ability to
understand and use Academic English across all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and
The learning outcomes for this course are specifically designed to help students
- Understand the exam structure
- Learn essential exam strategies and techniques needed to achieve their desired score
- Write different academic essay types
- Evaluate and self-correct their speaking
- Be prepared for the mechanics of the IELTS examination (time, order, format)
- Focus on target material in academic reading passages
- Interpret and describe statistical data using appropriate language and grammar
- Demonstrate enhanced vocabulary in writing and speaking
- Formulate, express and defend opinions using appropriate vocabulary
- Demonstrate improved listening skills for comprehension and details
Our experienced teachers use authentic materials and official IELTS practice exam papers in
engaging and focused lessons to give students the best opportunity to improve during their
time on the course.

The course also concentrates on the production of high-level academic language in both
spoken and written forms and this may be useful for students who want to develop these
areas but are not thinking of taking the exam.

PRICE: £50.00 per student per week (min. 2 weeks)
Once students are on the campus, our ALS Plus staff will organise the following events:

- Welcome and Farewell Party
- Themed Disco Nights
- Karaoke and Talent Shows
- Treasure Hunt
- Movie Night
- Sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball
- Dance Session with professional choreographers.
Classic (A) Activity programme 3 weeks

Classic (a) - suggested activity programme 2 weeks

Classic (B) Activity programme 3 week

Premium (B) Activity programme 3 weeks

Classic (b) - suggested activity programme 2 weeks

Premium (a) - suggested activity programme 2 weeks

Premium (b) - suggested activity programme 2 weeks

Premium (A) Activity programme 3 weeks
Students are provided with a daily travelcard on their planned visits to London for both Classic and Premium packages.
A 2-week programme includes:

6 Full Day Excursions to London (includes travelcard)
1 Full Day Excursion to Brighton
1 Full Day Excursion to Oxford

A 3-week programme includes all of the above, with the addition of:

3 Full Day Excursions to London (includes travelcard)
1 Full Day Excursion to Cambridge

* All excursions include a walking tour and are organised by Private Coach and escorted by ALS Plus staff.
A 2-week programme includes:

6 Full Day Excursions to London (includes travelcard, entry ticket to London Eye, Emirates Air Line cable car link across the River Thames and a meal at Planet Hollywood OR Hard Rock Cafe')
1 Full Day Excursion to Brighton (entry ticket to the Royal Pavillion)
1 Full Day Excursion to Oxford

A 3-week programme includes all of the above, with the addition of:

3 Full Day Excursions to London (includes travelcard)
1 Full Day Excursion to Cambridge

* All excursions include a walking tour and are organised by Private Coach and escorted by ALS Plus staff.
Uxbridge Add-on Options 2020

Uxbridge Add-on Prices 2020

Information on first and last meal